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Session Info

I like to keep it simple, while offering the best experience and outcome. Scroll down to get a better feel for what a photo session might feel like and what else you can expect.

Captivate Your Audience

Be Seen in Your Best Light

When shooting with Johnny, the goal is to find the combination of light, expression, tone and composition that best accentuates you from the rest of the lineup. For headshots, we’ll work through a variety of lighting styles and backdrops, and you’ll have the opportunity to make a few wardrobe changes along the way. Johnny will coach you to find a confident & authentic expression that will draw your audience in the manner that you seek. By the end of the shoot, you’ll have a variety of images from which you’ll make selections for final retouching. You’ll receive your selected, retouched images one week from your shoot date.

Understanding the Difference

Headshots vs. Portraits

Our HEADSHOT SESSIONS will focus on the chest up. Prior to the shoot, we’ll discuss your preferences in style, wardrobe, & lighting, and what you are hoping for your images to achieve for you. Johnny will take care of preparing the studio to achieve the results we’re looking for. You’ll have the ability to make wardrobe changes throughout the course of the shoot and Johnny will guide your posture & expression in order to achieve a confident and authentic presentation of yourself that will allow you to stand out in your arena. After anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, you will have a healthy body of images to choose from. One retouched image with unlimited licensing is included with each session. Additional, retouched and licensed images are $50 per image.
PORTRAIT SESSIONS include headshots, and also build a versatile body of images with more room for stylistic changes, unique lighting arrangements, cropping variations (such as full-body or three-quarter poses) and your dynamic character. In these sessions we will build imagery that illustrates you and your personal brand. Generally expect to shoot for a couple of hours, and we ask that you leave some time open on the back-end of your portrait session so that we can follow-up with any looks or ideas that we may still like to capture. For portrait sessions, one headshot and one portrait will be included with retouching & unlimited licensing. Additional, retouched and licensed images are $50 per image.

Natural, Studio, Strobe


I am happy to dictate to you my own vision of what style of lighting would best illuminate you, or maybe you already have your own sense of what you’re looking for. In either case, it’s helpful to have a shared vocabulary and even a shared set of references from which we can discuss your wants and needs. Take a look at some of the galleries below in order to develop a concrete sense of what appeals to your eye.

Comfort, Color, Fit & Form


Choosing the right look can be challenging, so don’t be shy about bringing a variety of outfits for the shoot. Make sure that you are happy with what you’re wearing and we’ll help you determine what will work best for your needs. Bring a range of styles, including various colors, cuts, and necklines. For our corporate clients, bring a few different jacket/shirt/tie combos, and keep the accessories to a minimum. Actors, have fun with your options and let’s play with some different looks alongside the old favorites. If you need to sort out some wrinkles, don’t worry, we have a steamer on site.

Accentuate Yourself

Hair & Make-Up

Hair & makeup are important aspects of your visual presentation. For this reason, we suggest the services of our Hair & Make-Up Artist, with whom we have worked closely to best compliment the lighting & stylistic choices of Johnny Shot Me.

Finding the Best Shots

Selecting Your Images

During the shoot, we’ll preview your images between outfit & lighting changes in order to ensure that what we capture is aligned with your needs. By the end of the shoot, we’ll have a wide selection from which you and I will share our thoughts about the shots that we have and the ones that you need & we’ll choose the final image(s) for retouching. You’ll receive your selected images one week from your shoot date.

Headshot sessions include one licensed & retouched image, while the Portrait session includes two. Additional images cost $50 per image for full licensing & retouching.

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Joshua Wiles
"The level of intimacy that his models allow is a direct commentary on who this artist is."

Joshua Wiles
Art Teacher
Patrick Mcnameeking
"John is a paragon of professionalism.  In addition to making photo shoots fun (I was nervous having never been in front of a camera before), he is a patient and thorough educator, and has taught me so much about the technical and artistic aspects of photography."

Patrick Mcnameeking
Audio Engineer
Joe Burdick
"Shooting with John is a breeze, and he takes such great photos that I ended up with a portrait that I have been using for years for all of my social media."

Joe Burdick
Software Engineer
Sumera Irshad
"John is an extraordinary photographer, capturing life's most beautiful moments with unrivaled talent.  His warm and friendly approach creates a comfortable atmosphere, allowing him to capture authentic and joyous images that reflect the true essence of his subjects.  With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for composition, every photograph becomes a work of art, showcasing his exceptional skills.  From wedding to family portraits, John consistently goes above and beyond expectations and delivers outstanding results that leave a lasting impact."

Sumera Irshad
Project Manager
Micaela Lyons
"Johnny is very easy to work with - he is very professional and has a great vision.  You would not be making a mistake booking with him."

Micaela Lyons
Data Analyst