About John(ny)

About John(ny)

John(ny) Gianniny is a Brooklyn-based photographer who finds peace in the pursuit of truth and beauty.  My Photographic vision is formed from the same mindset, and I enjoy a session where I can create slowly and intentionally.  I love working with individuals who can both confidently take the lead in their expression and presentation and take direction easily as well (If you don’t feel that these are strengths of yours, don’t be discouraged – I’m happy to work with you as well.  We’ll get there).

I have been shooting photographs passionately for two decades, though I have only ‘worked’ as a photographer for half of that time, and never in a corporate setting.  Always collaboration, freelance and small contracts.  For a long time, this was an insecurity of mine, which I responded to by overcompensating in my agency.  I thought going it alone would allow me to prove myself in this medium, but it really only isolated me.  I have learned from this experience that had stunted my professional development for so long, and I want to embrace my own abilities, my community, and the fortune that I have to pursue one of my longest passions.

I am happy to photograph special events and occasions, maternity, engagement, wedding, newborn, etc., though my interests tend to be more in line with portraiture, landscape (macro and micro-environmental), editorial, boudoir, and social causes that I personally care about.  With regard to how I prioritize work, I want to be forthcoming and clear that I will prioritize my interests first.  Thank you in advance for understanding that choice.

Outside of photography, I am a NYC public school teacher – I really enjoy my students and I teach them technology in the context of a learning environment that is prioritized for students with disabilities.  I love the experience of the momentum that I feel on my motorcycle as I glide through the streets of Brooklyn.  I have recently reassessed my relationship with music and have started building some compositions – hopefully you’ll be hearing about some of that after I have more time in my studio.  I have an active hand and love illustration.  If I haven’t done so yet, I will be uploading some of that on this site soon, as an extension of my artistic interests.  Finally, I should mention the gold & silversmithing that I do under the alias of Love & Other Demons.  I have been making jewelry for the past six or seven years, and things are really starting to take off.  Please, take a look for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and I look forward to working with you, should you decide that we’re a good fit.  All the best, and even if you don’t hire JohnnyShotMe for yourself, a referral is a beautiful gift as well, and GREATLY appreciated!